CyberSecurity Corner: Dynamic Application Profiling

CyberSecurity Corner: Dynamic Application Profiling

An article from our Cyber Security Corner this week looks into Dynamic Application Profiling, and how it can help benefit your systems by reducing the overhead required in order to keep them in check with our everchanging digital reality.

Profiling, historically has been used for optimization in computer programming, DAP or Dynamic Application Profiling, takes that to the next level by recognizing patterns of common and uncommon behaviors to protect your systems.

“Any application security architecture that relies upon manual rule creation by a security administrator requires constant rule-based tuning to account for changes to the applications. For example, many web application firewalls require manually-created rules to define expected behaviors for client-side scripts. These manual rules specify detailed application variables such as allowed URLs, parameters, parameter types, and parameter constraints. Maintenance of these rules can be a major source of operational overhead as many sites rely on hundreds of scripts. Any script change requires a parallel rule change to avoid false positives.”

As you can see in the excerpt above DAP also reduces the amount of overhead required to maintain and update your systems based on changes to protocol, and leverages computer analyzed behavior to make informative decisions for your applications.  You can read more about Dynamic Application Profiling below, Imperva does a great job of explaining this in more detail.

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